PB 3 WW 3 Chips Led Modul 3000K

by PSM
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Chip Brand : DC LED
Chip Model : 3528
Color Options : 3000K
Lumens : 36 lm 
Working Voltage : DC 12V
Current : 0,25A
Wattage : 0,30W
Beam Angle : 160°
Operating Temp : -35 – 85 °C
IP Rating : IP65
Lifetime Hours : 50000 Hour
Warranty : 2 Years

Additional Info

This Samsung, Nichia or DCled powered LED Module uses the latest technology and a special lens to create . The wider beam angle allows for more light distribution. Our modüle leds are IP65, IP67 water-resistant protection class .These modules are bright enough for any sign, display, task or back lighting project. The three surface mount Samsung LED Chips are mounted to an aluminum heat sink which is encapsulated in a PVC housing for a sleek and durable module design.

Our modüle leds are 3000K,4000K,5000K,6500K,10000K,RED,YELLOW,GREEN,BLUE,PİNK,RGB,RGBW colours.

Our high-tech module LEDs offer 40% more and more homogeneous light with the module LEDs of competing companies. It proves how high our quality is with 2,3,5 years warranty.

Our module led is UL, CE and RoHS approved.